Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Please Teacher! Review

Kon'nichiwa min'na!

Please Teacher!

Ah man. Talk about expectations letting you down! 12 episodes and one OVA later, and I actually regret watching this anime. Now don't get me wrong, it's not a terrible anime, it has it's funny moments, and at times is genuinely interesting. It's just so damn boring!

Okay, so here's the deal. There's this kid called K, yes, just one letter, and he has this "disease" where he blacks out periodically which he calls "Stand stills". To cut a long, boring plot synopsis short, he ends up finding about the existence of an alien, this alien being a young, beautiful woman who ends up being his teacher as well as his neighbour. At this point, something happens, and the end up having a relationship and getting married. I don't know what happened exactly, because this anime failed to hold my attention for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Through the 12 episodes, K and Mizuho Kazami (That's the hot alien) try their utmost best to hide their relationship, some shit goes down and memories get erased blah blah blah...

Now, down to the important bits, the animation is top notch. It really is one of the most beautifully animated series I have watched to date. In 1080p Blu-Ray the colours are crisp and bright. This is no action packed anime, and so there aren't any real fast paced sequences, it's more of an ebb and flow anime, with smooth, slow paced shots. There are a few dream/memory sequences too which in themselves are beautifully created and a joy to watch. There really was a lot of love and dedication put into this piece.

As for the sound, it's always fresh and upbeat, save for the more sombre scenes. The english voice acting is much to be desired as a lot of the english voice actors sound very similar, but that doesn't change the feeling that each characters voice fits their personality perfectly. The music is soft and mellow and isn't distracting from what's happening on screen like other anime have been known to do.

Honestly, I'm biased to this anime as it's not my usual genre, I don't often watch "Slice of Life" anime, and watch even less Ecchi. Overall this is an anime that will definitely not suit everyone's taste, but if it's the genre that you're honestly interested in, you won't go wrong by watching it. The story progresses very slowly for a 12 episode anime and feels very drawn out, which could make you not want to bother finishing the series. Bottom line, watch it if you want, give it a miss if you don't.

Story - 50/100
Dialogue - 60/100
Animation - 90/100
Entertainment - 60/100
Overall - 65/100

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A few test torrents!

Kon'nichiwa min'na!

Hey guys,

Been a while since I last posted, been way too busy with my final year exams and stuff. I thought that I would post a link to a few test torrents I have. I'm thinking of uploading a whole bunch of anime wallpapers onto for everyone to download, but seeing as how I am new to torrents and such, I made these two test torrents. Please feel free to download, and don't forget to seed as much as you leech, that way the torrent will never die.

Here are the links:

7 Random HD Anime wallpapers

Desktop Office Wallpaper

Thanks a lot guys!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

L.A. Photography

Kon'nichiwa min'na!

Okay, so I have this amazing friend Alicia right, and her and her friend have started a business. And you guys all know that I wouldn't advertise someone else if they weren't amazing. So this is what she has to say:

L.A Photography is a new funky up coming business.
If you want to have your photos taken, with your loved ones, best friends or just your beautiful self, L.A Photography should be your number one choice.
With the best and affordable prices, the memories you capture can last a life time.
With young, fun photographers, you'll always have the time of your life.

L.A Photography- "A picture is worth a thousand words.. What will yours say..?"

Contact Details:

Laura-Lee- 084 873 0416
Alicia- 074 651 0643

Email Address:

Search us on FaceBook!

So that's it guys! These girls are really talented, so check them out! I'm also gonna put a permanent link to their facebook page on my blog too!

Much love guys!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Review

Kon'nichiwa min'na!

Hello everyone!

How is everyone doing? Right now where I am we’re experiencing some really cold weather! It even snowed for the first time in around five years. What does this cold weather mean for us? Well, it’s perfect for us gamers who love chilling in bed or on the sofa under blankets playing out favourite games.

And game I am. A while back I entered a competition on twitter with Xbox 360 South Africa, and I was one of two winners! The question was, if we were given the chance to get a download code for XBLA for the newest release Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, what would we build? I answered Nelson Mandela’s face. I won. LOL. So I got the code, got connected to the internet, and downloaded this amazing little gem of a game. I’m probably a few months late with this review, but it kinda didn’t occur to me to review this game until now.

Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game where you play as “Steve”. Now, if you’re expecting Crysis or Skyrim like graphics, you’re gravely mistaken. Minecraft is all about the blocks! Literally, there are absolutely no smooth textures anywhere; it’s all made up of cubes, the whole game. Seriously. Minecraft was originally released for PC’s in multiple alpha and beta releases; currently the PC version is 1.3. The Xbox 360 edition however was ported to C++ and thus they had to start from an earlier version. Enter Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition v1.6.6 beta. It was updated recently to a later version (v1.7.3) which brought with it a bunch of bug fixes, as well as many new items.

Now, about the items, Minecraft is essentially, as the name suggests a game in which you mine! Shock, surprise! You start every new world, which is randomly generated using seeds, with two things, yourself and a map. At this point it’s completely up to you that to do next. Before you start the world you’re given the opportunity to change the difficulty slider, you can choose Peaceful, in which there are no monsters and your health regenerates automatically, or Normal and so forth where you will have to battle with Spiders, Skeletons, Zombies and those Damned Creepers at night! Once you’ve started the game, you literally have a world at your hands with which you can create what you will. Chop down trees and get some wood, use that wood to then make wooden planks and after enough wooden planks have been created you can start building shelter. Or take a different approach and create some tools that you can use to get better items. Create a shovel to collect sand, which is then used to make glass, or craft a pickaxe which is used to mine stone. Once you have stone, you can use it to create a stone pickaxe, which is used to mine faster and better materials. There are a whole bunch of materials in Minecraft, from stone to iron ore, gold and the rarest and precious material, diamond. There is only a handful of diamond in any given world depending on the random world seed.

People from all around the world have built some amazing things in Minecraft XBLA, from Old Trafford to the Colosseum. Others have created majestic looking works of art such as the Mona Lisa. The amount of freedom that a person has in this game is astounding; you can create and craft absolutely anything that your heart desires. I’m currently working on a Pokémon project where I plan on building some buildings from the iconic games as well as some of the actual Pokémon monsters.
It’s not all fun and games however (Except that it is, haha). There is some form of action especially when it comes to the monsters. Skeletons will shoot arrows at you and Zombies will eat your brains all of which will decrease your life, represented by hearts. If your health is low, you need to regain it by killing a pig, collecting the pork chop and eating it. If you cook the pork chop first, you get more health. Pigs aren’t the only animals there are though, there are also cows which are used for leather which can then be made into armour. Chickens give you feathers which can be crafted into arrows as well as eggs which are used in the baking of bread and cake. Yes. Bread and cake. Squids give you ink sacks and sheep give you wool which can be used to create a bed to sleep in.

Mojang and 4J Studios, the creators and developers of the game, have said that the XBLA version will soon be on par with the PC version and that all future updates to the PC version will be ported to the Xbox 360. The game can be bought for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, and it’s definitely a good decision to buy the game because it will give you hours upon hours of fun as well as an outlet to let your creativity run free!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go make coffee and carry on playing Mass Effect. Much love.