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Batman: Gotham Knight Review by Matty~~ ^^, for

Kon'nichiwa min'na!
Batman: Gotham Knight

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This movie is a classic tale of Batman told through the styles of Japanese anime. This film is a nice stray away from the classical American cartoons that portray the character of Batman and the fact that it is produced in a Japanese animation styles makes it a nice change to see how Japanese anime artists depict The Dark Knight. Throughout the entire movie there are an uncountable amount of action sequences that really bring out the characteristics of classic Batman tales, as well as the amount of action sequences, it can also be said that the action never really dies down in that one action scene meshes beautifully into a more calm cinematographic scene which then in turn becomes another extreme action scene.
Concerning the dialogue depicted in the film it can be said that it is intriguing with not much being said about any specific topic, but let’s the viewer decide for himself what might be happening. Also, conversations between characters never becomes monotonous and is always changing in tone and style.

The visual styles used in the film are absolutely superb. The Japanese take on how classic Batman characters look is a welcome change and all the different styles of anime art bring a nice feel to the film in that the film never feels too set on one style of animation. Another great take on the Batman franchise is the different iterations of the Batman character, it allows the viewer to imagine different times and situations that these new versions of Batman could be appropriate.

To a person not familiar with the Batman universe this anime can be quite confusing as the film is not a set plot, but involves a number of different plots depending on the visual style. Another downside to the film is the “flashbacks”, some plots are pure story where others are seemingly portrayed as memories, another factor that could confuse people who have not read the original comics or watched the American cartoons and films.
At the end of the day, this is most definitely a film to be watched by those who are devout Batman fans as they can experience a “new” Batman, as well as by fans of Japanese anime as the film blends the various types of animation beautifully.

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