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Black Cat review by Matty~~^^, for

Kon'nichiwa min'na!

One word. Three letters. All uppercase. Three punctuation marks. WOW!!!.

This 24 episode anime is without words, what I mean by that is no review or write up or blurb can describe this anime. The only way you can truly appreciate this great anime is by watching all 24 episodes. Do it in one night if you have to, but if you’d like to savour the awesomeness that is this show then it’s best left to perhaps two or three episodes a day.

Okay, so back to the anime, I will not be going into any plot description as that is for all you awesome anime lovers to find out as you watch it. Firstly, the story, without giving too much away it must be said that this show definitely keeps you entertained through all 24 episodes, not once does the story become stale or monotonous and it doesn’t have anything that really distracts you too much. There are a few character side plots, but those are just as interesting to watch as the main story line.

The dialogue is another great component of this anime, it has just enough variety in what is being said to keep it interesting but not over the top tone changes. The drunk guy is especially funny when he rambles on like an idiot.

Action sequences are straight from a Michael Bay film, that is, they are amazing. There are so many different forms of fighting from gunplay to martial arts, to sword fighting to anamorphic kicking ass with pony tails. It’s not constant action though, there are one or two episodes that are calm and serve to describe incidents in the past, or memories. The last episode in particular is quite confusing, but I’ll leave that for everyone to decide on their own.

Animation wise, this anime is superb and straight off of the top shelf. The art is smooth and clean throughout the entire series and is greatly exaggerated by the mesmeric use of colours. One episode everything is as it should look, the next dark colour tones accentuate the dark underlying of the story.

Over all this is definitely an anime to get your hands on, with everything said about this anime I think it really deserved 30 – 36 episodes because it’s just that great!

Review by Matty~~ ^^, for


Here's the link to download the anime episodes (requires registration, but absolutely free!)

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