Saturday, April 07, 2012


Kon'nichiwa min'na!

Okay guys, so about to drop a bomb on you guys! As most of you know, I am a writer, I write reviews on anime and games, but not only that, I also dabble in short stories and poetry. And so today I'm going to be posting one of my newest poems entitled "Façade". I really hope you guys like it, and be gentle okay? I'm no Edgar Allen Poe. Anyway, here it is...

Façade - Matthew D. Loom

A hard husk, horrendous,
shelling the splendorous
seed within.

I'm just keeping the truth inside, trying
to make the world content without fighting, crying.
I'm not the one who's lying.

The way in which you perceive me,
is only the me you need me to be,
but the person I am is one you choose not to see.

I am a frivolous façade frequently fused
with the beliefs of me you absurdly abuse
and by the time you realise the thoughts you have used.

This façade unmasks,
like one out of casks,
like seeds blooming
into ravenous flowers looming.

No more am I here for the worlds pleasure,
bound by the ones I care for,
the ones I adore.
I'm here for me,
not to appease you, but to spend at my leisure.

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