Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Kryptonian Productions

Kon'nichiwa min'na!

Hey guys, so in the spirit of music I'm bringing to you the likes of Kryptonian Productions.

Dj Kryptonyt, a DJ of the likes you have never seen, bringing everyone the music they want and need!

Okay, so this guy is talented right, so why not support the guy, he's a mate of mine, and he surely will not disappoint you!

Here is the link to his first song, available free to download -» http://www.kasimp3.co.za/wap/song.php?id=2mF

He has a facebook fan page too, so give him a like @ http://www.facebook.com/kryptonianProductions

This guy is so technological advanced he even has twitter! follow him! - http://twitter.com/Dj_Kryptonyt

I've permanently put his facebook and twitter links in the Links bar to the left of this blog!

He will be posting all of the links to his new songs regularly on his facebook and twitter so keep an eye out!

Peace music lovers!

Spread the noise!


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