Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Please Teacher! Review

Kon'nichiwa min'na!

Please Teacher!

Ah man. Talk about expectations letting you down! 12 episodes and one OVA later, and I actually regret watching this anime. Now don't get me wrong, it's not a terrible anime, it has it's funny moments, and at times is genuinely interesting. It's just so damn boring!

Okay, so here's the deal. There's this kid called K, yes, just one letter, and he has this "disease" where he blacks out periodically which he calls "Stand stills". To cut a long, boring plot synopsis short, he ends up finding about the existence of an alien, this alien being a young, beautiful woman who ends up being his teacher as well as his neighbour. At this point, something happens, and the end up having a relationship and getting married. I don't know what happened exactly, because this anime failed to hold my attention for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Through the 12 episodes, K and Mizuho Kazami (That's the hot alien) try their utmost best to hide their relationship, some shit goes down and memories get erased blah blah blah...

Now, down to the important bits, the animation is top notch. It really is one of the most beautifully animated series I have watched to date. In 1080p Blu-Ray the colours are crisp and bright. This is no action packed anime, and so there aren't any real fast paced sequences, it's more of an ebb and flow anime, with smooth, slow paced shots. There are a few dream/memory sequences too which in themselves are beautifully created and a joy to watch. There really was a lot of love and dedication put into this piece.

As for the sound, it's always fresh and upbeat, save for the more sombre scenes. The english voice acting is much to be desired as a lot of the english voice actors sound very similar, but that doesn't change the feeling that each characters voice fits their personality perfectly. The music is soft and mellow and isn't distracting from what's happening on screen like other anime have been known to do.

Honestly, I'm biased to this anime as it's not my usual genre, I don't often watch "Slice of Life" anime, and watch even less Ecchi. Overall this is an anime that will definitely not suit everyone's taste, but if it's the genre that you're honestly interested in, you won't go wrong by watching it. The story progresses very slowly for a 12 episode anime and feels very drawn out, which could make you not want to bother finishing the series. Bottom line, watch it if you want, give it a miss if you don't.

Story - 50/100
Dialogue - 60/100
Animation - 90/100
Entertainment - 60/100
Overall - 65/100


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