Thursday, January 05, 2012


Helllllllllllooooooo everybody!!!! Happy New year!
It's officially 2012, a year for new possibilities and
great adventures.

Okay, so this is my new blog. My name is Matthew
Loom, but everyone just calls me Matty. I started
this blog because as I enter into my final year of
high school I'm seriously thinking about a career
in journalism, and so I'm using this as a way to
get out there. As the title of the blog suggests it's
all about my "Marvel's", too be honest it's nothing
about me. Matty's Marvels was just catchy. What
I'll really be posting on this blog is news about
current events, be it technological such as the
arrival of the new PlayStation Vita (EXCITE) or be
it they found luminous monkey's living on Mars.
It'll vary.

As we enter 2012 with expectations and
anticipation (and hoping we won't die come 21st
Dec) we all have the chance to start fresh. I'm
taking that opportunity this year and I hope that
everyone else will too.

Happy holidays from me Matty~~ and good luck
to all the Matriculants of 2012, we'll make this
year rock!


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