Thursday, January 05, 2012

Guide to downloading large files on a BlackBerry

A lot of people have asked me how I download TV
series, Japanese anime and Movies on my
BlackBerry. So I've dicided to publish a guide on
how I do it.

What you will need:
• A BlackBerry phone, preferabbly with 3G. I use a
BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300. (BlackBerry Curve 8520
will not work as it has a download cap of about
25mb and will fail the download.)
• BlackBerry Browser (preinstalled)
• Opera Mini Browser Latest version (download
available at )
• A PC or Laptop to watch the shows, movies,
anime etc.
• BlackBerry USB Link cable to connect your phone
to your PC or Laptop.

Okay, so what usually happens with the BlackBerry
browser is that when you try to open a non-mobile
website (i.e. a website specifically for a PC) the
browser will take so long that you get timed-out or
a pop-up message states "Sorry, this page is taking
too long to load, closing browser" or whatever. The
reason it does this is because the file size of the
page is too large compared to a mobile page which
has a relatively small file size. So what do you do?!

1. Open Opera Mini and go to the desired webpage
(Links at bottom)
2. Select the show, movie etc. that you wish to
3. Make sure you have the right link to the file
(that's the link that if you click on it the download
4. DO NOT start the download in Opera Mini, it will
fail. Instead scroll over the link, push 1 on the
keypad and select "Open in new tab".
5. Open the tab, cancel the Opera download. The
tab should still be open with the exact download
6. Push the menu button, go to the address bar
and select and COPY the link.
7. Back to the BlackBerry browser. Where it says
"type search or address" PASTE the link you
8. Save the file to a place you will remember or to
the default file.
9. Be sure to put your phone in a spot that has full
3G as the download will go quicker.
10. Once the download is complete, connect your
phone to your PC or Laptop and copy the file to
somewhere on your HDD (Hard Drive).
11. Unplug your phone, sit back and watch your
newly downloaded movie or episode. :)

Some links:
--------------- (needs registration
but absolutely free) (does not require opera
mini as it is a mobile site)

Guide brought to you by me, Matty.

Need help? Comment below.

Need info on another BlackBerry related issue?

Comment below and I'll see what I can do.

Hope you enjoy all your new movies and shows!



  1. Hi Matty:)
    I'm hoping you can help me... I have a Blackberry Curve 9360. I've had it for about 2 months now and up till now it's been downloading all the tv series I want - I use UC Browser and normally download from Fztv but lately it's not working. All the other sites I use to download tv series is working but not fztv. This is so distressing as fztv is the only site I know of with the older episodes of series and not just the latest stuff. Is it the site not letting me download or has my network provider blocked the site or what? Otherwise do you know of any other sites I can download from? Thank you in advance! :)

  2. Hey! Thanks a lot for checking out my blog! I have a question for you first though, what is UC browser? Is it the default browser on your phone and if not, where can I download it so that I can test it out. Anyway, so I tried to download the newest episode of the Simpsons, and all three download links give me a 404 error, as well as some mumbo jumbo saying the server is not available. That alone leads me to believe that it is in fact a problem with the site, and that it isn't your browser or your network. This isn't the first time that FZTV has stopped working, but it is usually solved in a few days. As for the other sites, I don't really have any except for direct download Japanese Anime ( Maybe you like anime, maybe you don't, but it's worth checking out. As for TV series, I usually download torrents, which is hard, but not impossible on a blackberry (do a search for "how to download torrents on a blackberry") There is a site where you can download PC quality TV series episodes at about 150mb-700mb per episode, but they're magnet links to sites like rapidshare and megaupload, so there's no guarantee that the files will have been removed or not. What I'll do is search the interwebs for a bunch of sites that offer the same services as FZTV and I'll blog it! I hope this has helped you a little. Ooh, and don't forget to tell me about the browser! Ooooh, and don't forget to keep checking out my blog in the future!! I'm so sorry for the late reply, I know for a fact that FZTV is now working properly.

  3. Just stumbled onto ur blog, in my search for alternative sites to Fztv, thanks for all d tips, will most def come back to check if uv gotten an alternative site

  4. Hi matty. Please answer this!
    Do u have any good sites to download TV shows on Blackberry without having a membership and stuff??

  5. Thanks wish that every 1 was a help as you......

  6. nope the problem is not with the website, uc browser still has some problems, it fails when downloading from realitylapse, and the 404 page not found error is a problem associated with uc browser, hopefully they'll fix it soon.

  7. I am using BB 8520 curve and I have been able to download completely files not lager than 89.99mb using my UCbrowser, the problem I need help with is, surely with ucbrowser I can crack the default's limit of 25mb, so can anyone help me to get lager files(>89.99).

    Thanx again on your blog, really helped most of us a lot.keep up the blog's info

  8. Hi I have a Blackberry 9810 and have just downloaded UC Browser. I want to download tv series from FZtvseries but i am not sure if I am doing it wrong because as soon as I open the series I get a page error that says that the page is temporarily unavailable. I read on a site that I must change my network settings under UC browser on BIS but the same thing happens. Oh and another thing...I heard that we BB users are caped now to use only 40mb per day? Will UC browser by pass this?Please help

  9. Hey I have Blackberry bold 9900 I can download files of pretty much any size on the defult browser but for some messed up reason files over 250mb are corrupt I use my pc to view the files. O and I use my blackberry because I can't get my family to get a internet line pls I've looked everywhere for awnsers but can't find a solution pls help

  10. Hi Matty :) Could you please help me...but before I start I just want to say that your blog is the best!! Hope you can help my with my game. I bought a PC game a while back "The Battle to middle earth 2". Its a Lord of the Rings strategy game. It worked fine on my old laptop. It was running on Windows Vista.I have got a new Laptop with Windows & professional on it and when I run the game it does not want to work. I had to make an ISO of the game because it got scratched. I can play for 5 - 10 minutes then all my buildings blow up and the whole game comes to an end and it says that I have been defeated. I tried to Google for solutions but everyone says that its because I'm playing with a ISO and not with the original CD. What can I do to make it work.? Here is the info on my laptop :
    Manufacturer and model- Travel mate 5742G
    Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M460 @ 2.35Ghz 2.35 GHz
    RAM - 3G
    Operating system - 64-bit
    WIndows & Professional
    I have a grafics card : ATI HDMI its the 5400 series.

    Can you please help!! I really want to play this game.

    Thanks :)

    1. Sorry pressed the wrong key. I have Windows 7 Professional. :)

  11. Ok honestly I didn't expect this to work but it totally did. Thanks a bunch. Now I can download stuff by opening download pages in Opera Mini & then pasting to my UC Browser. Thanks again

  12. hi Matty, i try it much times
    but it didn't work
    i'm using Blackberry 9320 (Armstrong)with OS 7.1

    and i can't download UC Browser either

    i try to use method with restoring Service book formated ".ipd"
    but it doesn't work either

    can you help me?

    1. I have the same phne and same problem.

      Did you by any chance find the solution?

      Thnx in advance!

  13. This is pretty stupid and basic. Most of the problems lie within the fact that mobile networks puts a cap on your downloads these days

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  15. Hi Matty
    I see that fztv has been closed down. Is there any other site I can download southpark from season 4 to 15.

  16. Hi Matty
    I just noticed that fztv was closed down by FACT UK. Will this be permanent.

  17. Hey man dnt u knw hw I cn dwnload movies cz I,ve tried to download bt keeps failing at this website nwadays lancer movies hv u heArd bwt it? Nw its a cnstnt probllem whn it tells me dwnload failed. PLZ HELP!!

  18. Hi matty I struggle to download torrent files whenever I download it says that it is of unsupported media type. I followed your guide on hw to download torrent files but it does not work I dnt know if I'm doing it right. Is there other ways of downloading torrent files onto a blackberry 9360. Please I desperately need help. Oh ja u have a very nice blog.

  19. I'm so stressed out see that lancer site has been closed down.Is there any other similar site where I can download ths latest movies and series.I so liked that site its so easy to download from and have the latest movies and series.Please let me knw....Thanx

  20. Heyta Matty and other Samaritans willing to share free sites its so cool but I'm looking for a site where I can dwnload Battle of Gods for free on my blckbrry curve 9320 and my stress is that my fhone are downloading so slow even when I'm using UC browser slower then the slowest tortoise true story plz dude's grab my hand and pick me up thanks in advance. MARCO from PORT ELIZABETH


  22. I'm experiencing a problem with uc browser,downlad speed is too slow,at first it was fine,anyone plse

  23. hi matty. I'm also from south africa, and i'm looking to buy a blackberry phone that's under R2500.

    I want to use it specifically for downloading anime, do you have any suggestions on phones that have no download limits per file size? I would really appreciate the help!

    Deejay from durban


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